Asmarina is a young woman originally from Eritrea. She came to the United States as a refugee through Ascentria’s Unaccompanied Refugee Minors program (URM) in 2017 due to being persecuted for her religious beliefs. She is expecting her first child on Christmas Eve, a baby girl! 


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Help Them


Refugees and immigrants across New England need your support

Be a "Part" of Something Special

What will 2021 bring, you ask? 

While we can't predict the future, we expect the new year will bring hope and joy to the New Englanders we help!

Based on the incredible generosity we saw this year, we know that together we can put a smile on their faces. 
To make sure this happens, we're asking all of you to follow your hearts and help our clients in 2021. 

Will you help us bring hope and joy to the people we serve? 

Ascentria Services for New Americans resettles individuals and families fleeing conflict and oppression in their homeland and helps them establish New England as their new home.

Your donation will help secure 150 Tablets for refugee and immigrant adults served in our educational programs.

Tablets are needed to help new Americans access services, community groups, appointments, and education and employment opportunities.

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Help Those Who Need Reliable Transportation


Help Them


Help Them


Help Them


Help Them

As We Say Goodbye to 2020


Help New Americans



Help Unaccompanied Refugee Minors


Help Teen Parents

Will you help teen parents and their children thrive?


Unaccompanied Refugee Minor, Expectant Mom, Brave Young Woman

With the help of URM and other supports in her life, Asmarina is beginning to find her voice to advocate for herself as a young adult preparing for independence and motherhood.

Like most of us, Asmarina and other URM youth are looking forward to the new year. With your help, in 2021 they will be able to access community college courses or music lessons, and move into their first apartments! 

Will you follow your heart and help unaccompanied refugee minor youth reach their goals this coming year? 


Help Them


Help Foster Care Youth

The pandemic has created an urgent need for foster parents and aid for foster families.

To heal from past trauma and forge strong relationships, foster families look for creative ways to spend time with the youths in their homes. This could be through things like summer camp, or a camping trip.

Will you help foster families thrive this holiday season?



Help Seniors

The coming winter is expected to be hard, especially for seniors. Will you follow your heart and give them something to look forward to in the new year?

It's extremely important for seniors to stay connected to loved ones and stay busy with fun activities and entertainment. We are in need of funds to help purchase things such as headphones, which allow seniors with hearing loss to hear their loved ones over Zoom, as well as craft supplies for craft parties in a post-COVID world.


Help Caregivers


Help those with Mental Health Conditions & Disabilities

Ascentria Mental Health and Disability Services include a variety of programs that enable people who are economically disadvantaged, have disabilities, chronic illness, mental illness, Deafness, and other challenges to become and remain successfully integrated into their communities.

We accomplish this by ensuring that the people served by our programs are able to engage with and explore their communities, such as through group outings. The pandemic has made it nearly impossible to do this, but like most of us, our clients are looking forward to the day when they can grab a cup of coffee at a local cafe or take a trip to the New England Aquarium. Your support will help make these things possible.


Caregivers are quiet heroes; they shoulder the daily needs of others with love, resilience, determination, and oftentimes very little public recognition. They are also frontline workers and may serve as their clients' only link to the outside world during this time.  

Help support caregivers and the home-bound individuals they serve this holiday season.


Your donation will be used to repair three cars in 2021 before we award them to neighbors in need.

How Your Donation Helps

Who It Will Help

Your generosity will help New Englanders in need of reliable transportation, like Teneka, get to work, school, and medical appointments.

Donate a Virtual Part and Repair a Car

This year, we’re inviting you to be a “part” of something special by donating the equivalent cost of a car part. We’ve selected an assortment of frequently needed virtual car parts so that you can play a “part” in changing a life, regardless of your budget. 

"Having a car has made my life so much easier -- easier to go to work and school to make a successful living for my family. I was able to go back to the community college that I used to attend years ago. I want to really thank you guys for assisting me in a time that I needed you the most."

- Teneka, car recipient

Ascentria’s Teen Parenting Program serves low-income, single, teenage mothers and their small children who might otherwise be homeless, living in unsafe situations, or substandard housing. Teen parents find support, counseling, training, advocacy, transitional coaching, and transitional housing within two Ascentria programs in Massachusetts. 

Our goal is to provide teen parents with the support they need to build successful, independent lives for themselves and their children.

Will you help seniors this holiday season?

"Our caregivers are an incredible group of individuals that devote their lives caring for others. In-Home Care and our clients are so blessed to work with them every day and see all of the amazing ways they help someone and improve their quality of life." 

- Sabrina Moore, Senior Program Manager, In-Home Care

A Special Thanks to Our Board of Directors

Angela Bovill

Pastor Ross Goodman

Garth Greimann

Karen Gaylin

Sherri Greene Pitcher

Scott Hamilton

Fred Jenoure

Stacey Luster, J.D.

William Mayo

Barbara Ruhe

Kimberly Salmon

Peter Schmidt

Will you give our clients something to look forward to?

Will you help unaccompanied refugee minors, like Asmarina, build successful lives in the U.S.?

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