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A special thank you to all of the community members, staff, volunteers, board members, community partners, and more who have helped ensure our new Afghan neighbors are welcomed with respect, dignity, and compassion. 


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Through our Equipped to Thrive holistic care model, we are focused on providing wrap-around services that empower vulnerable individuals and families in transition to navigate successfully through life's challenges and beyond.

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Resettling Hundreds of Afghan Evacuees

Unprecedented times call for innovation and bold actions. With the impending arrival of at least 500 Afghans to Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we needed New England communities' help with welcoming our new Afghan neighbors.

To mobilize the generous, caring public into a network of support, Ascentria has partnered with Welcome NST and other community organizations like W.A.R.M., Ignatian Volunteer Corp., and the Worcester Together Fund to engage volunteers and communities throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

Volunteers and New England communities work alongside Ascentria staff to help resettled families and individuals access resources, recover and heal, and build self-sufficient lives here in the U.S. This collaborative effort started before the Afghan crisis but grew as the number of people needing help grew exponentially with the Afghan crisis.

By organizing Neighborhood Support Teams, Caring Circles, and volunteers, together, we are creating a sustainable, community-based model of resettlement that can be replicated in the future.

Communities Make Anything Possible.

Some of What Goes into Resettlement

Resettling new neighbors is just one part of our mission to strengthen communities by empowering people to respond to life's challenges.

Your Support Makes a Big Difference.

Your support helps us accomplish all of those tasks and empowers resettled individuals and families to have autonomy over their lives. 

*Name has been changed to protect the family

Communities across New England are stepping up to help new Afghan neighbors. Zoom in on the map below to see some of the locations where Afghan families and individuals are rebuilding their lives.

Communities like these help gather resources and create community-based support systems.

Ascentria is standing alongside them as a core support system. Through our collaboration with community partners, as well as our work through Ascentria's Immigration Legal Assistance Program (ILAP), in the past year we have been able to accomplish a lot.

Ascentria's aim is to provide comprehensive wraparound services that treat each person as a whole individual with dreams and goals. 

As such, we work with communities to help individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds access the resources and programs they may need to build healthy, sustainable lives. These programs include:

From their war-torn homeland to crowded military bases and now to towns and cities across the country, 65,000+ Afghans have made the heart-breaking journey to the United States. 

Their loss has been unimaginable and now they must rebuild their lives.

Ascentria has committed to resettling 500 Afghans across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Together with other resettlement agencies, local organizations, and New England communities, we can help our new Afghan neighbors find stability, safety, and community.

In the summer of 2021, the United States military withdrew from Afghanistan, paving the way for the resurgence of the Taliban. Thousands of Afghans, fearing for their lives, fled the country as the Taliban closed in on Kabul and eventually overthrew the Afghan government.

Many of those who fled previously worked for the United States as translators, interpreters, local guides, and in other roles. Their involvement with our country made them a target for the Taliban. Others feared persecution by the Taliban for their gender, political beliefs, sexuality, and ethnicity, and fled, seeking asylum in other countries.

Senior Care - Massachusetts and Connecticut

Elder care is offered by member facilities of Ascentria Care Alliance. These facilities provide a broad range of affordable residential and community-based programs to meet the full spectrum of needs of older adults and their families. Located in Connecticut and Massachusetts, the five senior residential centers encompass a continuum of care. 

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Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities - Maine and Massachusetts

Ascentria Mental Health and Disability Services comprise a wide variety of programs that enable persons who are economically disadvantaged, have disabilities, chronic illness, mental illness, Deafness and other challenges to become and remain active members in the communities in which they live and work.   

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Language Bank - All of New England

Language Bank is proud to serve the New England area and beyond for 20 years with language-access services as an Ascentria Care Alliance social enterprise program. We're here for all of your interpretation, translation, and interpreter training needs.   

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In-Home Care - New Hampshire

In-Home Care is a licensed Home Health Care agency that offers comprehensive, non-medical personal care services to homebound individuals or those with a disability living in New Hampshire.   

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Good News Garage - Massachusetts and Vermont

Good News Garage was one of the first nonprofit social enterprise car donation programs in the U.S. Our mission is to create economic opportunity by providing affordable and reliable transportation options to low-income individuals and families.

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Children and Family Services - Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Ascentria offers a continuum of community-based programs for families, children, and teens that provide safe residential environments and services that build and support strong and nurturing families. We believe that all children deserve a permanent, secure and loving home.

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Helping Locate and Setup Housing

Housing is a difficult resources to secure. Using community connections, appropriate housing is sourced and paid for.

Helping with Healthcare

The U.S. Healthcare system is hard to navigate. Ascentria and partners help new arrivals access and navigate the healthcare system.

Helping with Employment

We look at each individual's skills set and help them search and apply for jobs that match their interests and qualifications.

Helping with Finances

Many recent arrivals have experienced trauma. To help them recover and heal, we help to ease financial burdens through fundraising, grants, and more.

Welcome New Arrivals

Ascentria staff and community members welcome new arrivals to their new homes, help them navigate their new towns, and introduce them to the community . 


Community members work with Ascentria case managers to help address the needs of recent arrivals and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Helping with Education

Returning to a routine is important for youth. Volunteers and Ascentria work to enroll youth at local schools and provide interpretation services as needed.

Locating Resources

As the family or individual gets settled, volunteers help to locate additional resources and benefits that may further assist the family in rebuilding their lives.

April 14, 2021

Biden announces U.S. troops will be completely withdrawn from Afghanistan by Sept. 11.

August 15, 2021

The Afghan Government collapses as the Taliban overrun Kabul.

August 16, 2021

Thousands try to flee Afghanistan via Kabul International Airport. Refugee-level protections for Afghans are issued.

August 25, 2021

Ascentria receives word that we will be helping to resettle those evacuated in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

August 30, 2021

The U.S. military completes its withdrawal. More than 120,000 people were evacuated since mid-August.

October 1, 2021

Ascentria starts welcoming Afghan families to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Additional arrivals are on the way.

  • Welcome nearly 200 Afghan arrivals to Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • File 130 humanitarian parole cases for Afghan nationals through ILAP
  • Help evacuate 25 Afghan nationals through the Immigration Legal Assistance Program (ILAP)
  • File 78 applications for U.S. citizenship  through ILAP

But helping refugees, asylum seekers, and others rebuild their lives takes more than just a year. 

It is necessary to provide wraparound and community-based support services for people for as long as they need support.

Immigration Legal Assistance Program - Massachusetts

The Ascentria Immigration Legal Assistance Program provides free and low-cost legal services to immigrants. Our team of lawyers and legal professionals offers multi-cultural and multi-lingual representation that covers the spectrum from undocumented to U.S. citizenship. 

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Services for New Americans - Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Ascentria Services for New Americans resettles and establishes individuals and families who fled conflict and oppression in their homeland.  Since its establishment, refugees from around the globe have made Massachusetts and New Hampshire their new homes.

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Provide Legal Assistance

Immigration status and need for legal assistance varies amongst recent arrivals. ILAP helps individuals access affordable immigration legal representation.

"Unless you've gone through this experience, it's going to be super hard to understand the trauma and the pain of what it takes to become a refugee."

Freshta is a former refugee from Afghanistan; her family fled to the U.S. when she was a little girl, seeking freedom from the Taliban.

Hear Freshta's Story.

  • Help 24 Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Youth graduate from high school and higher education
  • Receive 9 lawful permanent residence ("green cards") grants in a single day for unaccompanied refugee minors through the Immigration Legal Assistance Program (ILAP)

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